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Two Dove: grass roots

When discussing the concept of Two Dove, one aspect of the brand was a non-negotiable: we must be a grassroots company. Believing heavily in the support-local-shop-local concept, we identified a need in the South, quality Southern outdoor goods for the Southern outdoorsman. Even though our first outdoor love was dove hunting and shooting sports, we knew that the need was more than just a need for the Southern hunter.

With this in mind, we decided to develop products that could be used by cowboys, the clay shooter, the weekend motocross enthusiast, the bow hunter, the angler, the skater, the river rats, the ranchers, or anyone who would call himself or herself an adventurer. And if you didn’t call yourself any of these things but instead would join your friends in the fields with the tailgate down, the music on, the fire pit burning, and the clinking of glasses and cans, then Two Dove could give you the products you needed. Our products are for anyone who enjoys God’s green earth and feels blessed to be under the stars with good company and great times. We believe you should be you in the outdoors, and should always have a damn good time. So, take us with you.

Two Dove: 100% Grassroots

Deep Roots:

Who We Are and Where We Come From

We are a company that is proud of who we are and where we come from. From the oilfields to the office, we are the worker who takes pride in what he does and works hard to provide for the family. From the plains to the ocean, we are the outdoorsman who loves this country and sits in awe of the wonders of this earth. From the front porch to the tailgate, we are the friend who says yes sir and no sir while sharing a whiskey and a story from the night before. We are not just a company in the South. We're born here and raised here, and we embody what it means to be a Southern Outdoorsman.

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