Two Dove Supply Co. Medium Grip

Two Dove


Full zipper for easy access, hard bottom, and feet.

22" L X 12.5" H X 10" W.

Canvas - Black
Canvas - Navy
Canvas - White
Canvas - Maroon
Canvas - Red
Canvas - Lime Green
Canvas Top - Hunter Green
Canvas Top - Pink
Canvas Top - Orange
Pops Vintage Camo
Bushlan Camo - Grey
Bushlan Camo - Green
Bushlan Camo - Brown
Waxed Canvas - Brown
Waxed Canvas - Slate Gray
Waxed Canvas - Navy
Waxed Canvas - Green
Waxed Canvas - Light Blue
Waxed Canvas - Maroon
Waxed Canvas - Light Red/Pink
Leather - Veg
Leather - Boomer
Leather - Desert Mustang
Acid Wash & Leopard

Collections: Handmade Goods

Type: Leather Goods

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